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Current junior student-athlete at a semi-target. Wasn't really sure if I wanted to do banking this past summer - didn't cast wide enough net and it didn't work out at the two banks I interviewed with.

Got a LMM PE internship this winter that I'm still doing in conjunction with school - this experience has solidified my desire to work in banking.

Been networking like crazy trying to find any openings. Little luck this late in the process, but I have a few options and alternatives:

1) Unpaid M&A generalist at LMM Chicago

2) Paid LMM buyside M&A advisory in smaller city

3) Reputable MM healthcare PE (relative in c-suite)

4) Delay graduation for another semester of sports and go through SA cycle (have been networking like crazy past month)

Help me decide what you think my best option would be or if you have other ideas. Not sure if there would be any chance at return offers for 1-3.

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