Help me play out a career move from Startup/Venture Incubator world to Commercial Brokerage in NYC (29/m)

The appeal in commercial brokerage is the relationships and rapport building of sales while still touching the research and strategy behind it. That's what I imagine.

I'm a 29/yo strategy guy with a constant stream of big ideas and an eye for value opportunities - it's the same skillset applied (with success) wherever I go;

  • Media consulting and brand strategy
  • to fortune 500 org. transformation and having an advertising holding company hire me to spit out new revenue stream ideas for them for a year.
  • I started and lead growth advisory at a major startup incubator and developed two pretty good startup ideas over a summer sabbatical 
    • 1. Got an HBR professor very excited but we deemed it was unfeasible, so he is using to reference a concept in lectures 
    • 2. Was picked up by a Greycroft Alum who wants to bring it to life, but I can't go without a paycheck any longer

The problem with all of that is that I have to take a ton of adderall to wrangle my adhd brain in from intergalactic thinking to put together the endless ppt slides that go with all that work and it's kind of makes me a bum in other areas of my life. 

In terms of CRE: Commercial brokerage is appealing because of the networking/social aspect

  • I'm resourceful and gritty when it comes to research, great the interpersonal stuff whether it's the dude with his name on the building or security guards. 
  • Well connected - but entering the game late so all of my connections are probably pimped out already?
  • Would I have to come in as a junior person? how bad is that? Isn't the draw $80k? 
  • Is this a terrible time to get into commercial brokerage?
  • I should be able to leverage my background to be in a position to generate valuable business ideas, right?
  • I'm not great at financial modeling.

Tell me if i'm crazy or naive or stupid for considering this and why specifically.  Is the  another area in CRE that might be fitting? Am I stupid for thinking I can be a late arrival weapon in this world? 

Long term plan would be to touch other areas of the firm like innovation, consulting, marketing, etc. as a more senior person. 

Thanks for any feedback/advice.

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Sep 10, 2021 - 6:55pm

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