Help me put together a competitive qualification for equity research?

Hi everyone, I am a frequent viewer of WSO and a first time member.
I am going to graduate from a Canadian university (University of Toronto) with a double major in 2014. I have my first internship coming up in September, and it is at an independent online stock brokerage.
I am interning there because the company has an equity research team that I want to move into after I graduate (assuming they take me back lol). I want to work in equity research - in Canada or USA.
Right now, I am doing my Certified General Accountant (very similar to CPA in the states) in my spare time. My double majors are Economics and Sociology and my grades are pretty decent.
What sort of qualifications do companies look for when thinking about hiring an equity researcher?
- Should I take some economic or sociology quantitative research courses in my fourth year, ace them, and market them to employers?
- Should I take on a CFA in my fourth year?
- Start taking an interest and reading news on a particular sector?
- Any suggestions?


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Aug 26, 2012