Help needed on deciding between internship offers - BB London goal

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Hey all,

After lots of hard work, I was fortunate enough to acquire 2 internship offers, but I am totally unsure what to pick. The offers consist of 1 in DCM at Commerzbank (Germany) and 1 at Bridgepoint Capital (also in Germany), both internship positions.

After either of these two I will have a summer IB stint at a lower global tier 2 bank in the summer. I originate from a non-target but do have top grades, extracurricular leadership experience etc etc, the usual for academics.

Knowing that I'd like to go to London post Masters graduation (will do a top Masters in Finance in Europe after my summer stint), which internship, according to you, would help me the most?

I thank you for your time, cheers!


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Jan 10, 2019

Since I would imagine the end goal of doing BB in London would be PE (and since PE in London is VERY competitive) showing you've had some experience in the sector can't hurt. I would choose Bridgepoint Capital unless you really want to do DCM at BBs.

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Jan 11, 2019
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