Help on Job Search, Emerging Markets, Target School Graduate

I need a bit of help with focusing in on roles I should be looking at with my background.

Graduated from Top 20 Target School with low GPA last year.
1 Year as Economic Research Assistant
1 Year as Business Development Intern (Consulting Firm)
Post Grad-Two Contracts the past year for a major development finance institution in DC.

I studied Finance/International Business and had an econ minor, studied abroad in China, and have volunteer several times overseas (Africa, Latin America, Asia).

I've been out of work two months now and haven't had much luck securing a job. I have an interest in emerging markets and Asia as well as development finance and public policy. At this point, I'm open to pretty much anything to get a job--any advice on what to do in the meantime or roles with financial institutions I should be shooting for? I've interviewed with several BB firms, the Fed, consulting firms, etc. Despite the GPA, I've landed interviews, but can't seem to secure an offer. Additionally, maybe a way that I could package my background for say an emerging markets investment firm or equity research type role that requires a global perspective.


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