Help out a recent Student-Athlete graduate!

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I am graduating Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this winter (Dec 15) with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. I played college tennis during my 4 years at Poly and took a lot of upper level math-classes (Group theory, Multi-variate real analysis etc) and my grades somewhat reflect this: I will graduate with a 3.0 or just below 3.0 GPA. I recently found an interest in options and option pricing (Call-Put parity, Black-Scholes) and as a result, I realised that I would like to pursue a career within portfolio management. I understand that there is a long and tough road ahead of me, however, what sort of position would be a step in the right direction (experience-wise: I am planning on doing a masters and then PHD later on in my career).

I am grateful for any general help/tips!

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Oct 27, 2018