Help please! Feeling lost with 2020 SA recruitment after coming back from the military

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Hey everyone!

I'm a rising junior at a target university with a 3.5 GPA looking for a 2020 IB SA internship.
I'm returning to school after two years of military service, and I'm feeling a bit lost with the whole recruitment process.

Here's a bit of background info for context:
I was born in the States, but my parents being Korean, I hold two citizenships. So I was supposed to graduate from college this past June, but I took two years off from school to volunteer to serve for the South Korean Army. I finished my service mid June, and I'll be coming back to school this fall as a junior.
For my past internship experiences, I've interned at a top consulting firm right after my sophomore year, and I'm also finishing up a SA internship in Korea right now, at a notable international bank. I also passed the CFA level 1 exam last year.

Coming out of the military after two years of service, I'm feeling pretty lost in the whole US recruitment scene. My service ended past the application deadlines of multiple EB/BB/MMs and I'm definitely not well networked(not being in the States and minimal access to technology in the barracks). As of now, I've been applying for positions that are still open, and I'm planning to start cold emailing to meet people once I'm back in the States end of this month.

I'm in a bit of an odd place, but I'd really appreciate insights or advice on how to go about from now.
Is there anything I could do to make the most out of my situation?

Thanks for reading.

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Aug 13, 2019