HELP: Realized I forgot to submit section of application (transcripts)

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Okay, so I'm a sophmore at a semi-target and I applied for a job last week at a big finance firm (see name) and got an interview.

They asked for an unofficial transcript, and I took a screenshot of my grades, which I submitted in my app. However, only took a screenshot of my first-year Fall/Winter grades, and forgot to send my Summer grades.

I withdrew from all my summer classes the week after the add period (which is only 5 days) because I decided I didn't want to do both summer courses and an internship, so I have no grades for that period -- all courses show up as W.

Therefore, my GPA is accurate without the summer transcript (3.91), but I feel like because they asked for unofficial transcripts I should have included the summer transcript (even though it doesn't affect my GPA).

Should I message HR with my summer transcript? Does it matter, since it doesn't affect my GPA?

I feel really stupid for forgetting to send the summer transcript, even though it doesn't have any grades or affect my GPA. I want to be as honest/forthright as possible, so I'm thinking of just emailing them the transcript and letting the chips fall where they may (I'd rather they revoke interview than have myself look like a crook).

My interview is Wednesday/Thursday, so any guidance would be very much appreciated :)

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Sep 17, 2018


Sep 17, 2018

Personally, I wouldn't do anything. Employers generally only care about this kind of stuff if i) you purposely misled them, or ii) you omitted meaningful info. This sounds like neither.

Sep 17, 2018