HELP: stay at JPM open-ended risk internship OR leave for WF CRE Summer Analyst?

Hi everyone, I need help making a decision! I'm a junior and I currently intern part-time at JP Morgan in a middle office credit risk group. I started here during my spring sophomore year, and there's potential for me to stay here until graduation and join full time.

I have an offer to join the Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate team in NYC as a summer analyst.

So I can't decide if I should leave or stay. I definitely want other learning opportunities, because I'm pretty sure I don't want to stay in risk forever. but I'm worried if I leave JPM, it'll be hard af to ever get back in full time. I'm also not sure how difficult it will be to transition out of risk into other roles if I stay. Like will I be limiting myself if I don't leave and try other things/learn new skills?

ALSO, I pretty much financially support myself and I rely on my internships as my stable income. So I'm hesitant to leave my regular role at JPM, for something that only lasts 10 weeks, and then be faced with possible weeks/months of unemployment at at the end of the summer while I try to find a new internship for the next school year.

I have to let WF know my decision by the end of they week!

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Oct 18, 2017