Anybody have insight or experience working here ?

Just got off the phone with HR to set up an interview for an associate level role. Sounded like a client facing role in operations i.e. a floater between IB and S&T... ?

"Client facing responsibility for New York Private Bank & Trust's ultra-high net worth clients. Preparation of subscription documents for co-investment funds, handles ongoing capital calls and co-invest fund distributions.

Relative value analysis of the securities market across the spectrum of fixed income assets. Ability to identify investment opportunities for clients in all types of Corporate, Municipal, MBS and U.S Government Securities. Source bonds using Bloomberg, broker contacts, and broker inventories to identify relative value purchase and sale opportunities.

Analyze existing client portfolios to recommend ideas for bond swaps and/or to put new funds to work. Prepare presentations to prospective NYPB&T clients to bring new assets under management. Assist in modeling and structuring new co-investment or business investment opportunities that might be applicable for the Emigrant Bank and client investment portfolios. "

Any input appreciated, thx

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Nov 8, 2021 - 11:08am

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