HELP!! Thrown in as an "analyst" with no training/background in finance

Hey everyone, 

I'm new here and would really appreciate some guidance. To make a long story short, I have been employed for 6 months (just graduated with BS in May 2020) at a real estate investment firm/family office (very small group about 3-4 ppl) and have been given the title "analyst." We are starting a HF although I have no schooling/formal training in finance, business, or economics. I got my degree in physics and got this job because I had been working part-time for the guy who runs our office but in the past I only did real-estate related things. When I came on full-time, there was a perfect storm of this HF being started and I expressed my interest in finance... next thing you know I'm an "analyst" and am really struggling to catch onto everything. I'm the one people ask for cash flow models, track records, and god knows whatever else. And I go back to my desk and google these things.

By no means am I ungrateful for the opportunity - I just want to do the best job I can. I respect my boss a lot and I owe him a lot. He took a chance on me knowing I have no experience in finance or business - he also hired me during the middle of a pandemic while many of my friends are unemployed. He's a great boss, and helps me when he can, but in our office it is him, his assistant, his accountant, and me, so, it's an understatement to say I'm getting a formal training. If any of you have worked for a small office or entrepreneur, you know things can change very quickly and there is very little hand holding. Moral of the story - I want to be more proactive and have a stronger technical understanding of what a HF analyst even does. Where do I start? What books do I read? Online courses? 

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Oct 22, 2020 - 8:35pm

Very unusual circumstances to be in. Idk the fund's strategy but as a basic foundation, I'd pay for WSP or WSO's courses on modelling, financial accounting/analysis etc. and refer to some guides and book recommendation threads on this forum (there are lots). Run a paper account whilst you're learning and dedicate some serious, intense time to study as it seems you have lots of catching up to do. Good luck!

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