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Hey guys. I'm a first-year student in the top Russian university. The political situation there is quite disgusting and state of financial sphere too. So, I'm trying to find opportunities in IB in the US or UK. I understand that this is unreal but can you give me advice? IB in Russia has completely died, and most of the alumni don't know what to do. Is it real to me as Russian to pass on the spring program?

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Mar 15, 2019

Sorry, I haven't mentioned that I'm studying on bachelor program with major in economics


Mar 16, 2019

If you want to land a gig in London you will need either solid relevant experience or to go to a prestigious European business school.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities at home, follow the Keystone group on VK - it's a student run community that posts about finance-related internships etc.

It's also possible to get into an international bank and then transfer internally. CS does it's part-time internship programme in Moscow office and is known for transferring students to the London office. JPM and GS also fun summer and off-cycle internship programmes.
In fact, GS is currently recruiting for its spring off-cycle gig.

In terms of opportunities in Russia, Sberbank and VTB Capital run internship/analyst programmes; Big4 often hires interns to transactional services/M&A; Gazprom bank runs unpaid internships.

Landing a spring week would require you to be in your first year of studies and apply by November/December of your first term.

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Mar 16, 2019

Second this.

Most importantly, get stellar grades in your undergrad, do some relevant internships (I would recommend any of the places modjo listed) and then apply to a top MSc program in Europe or UK.

From there, your chances of getting an IB Summer Internship in London should be very good.

PM if you need any specific advice.

Mar 16, 2019

Tbh as past experience shows you can make it into London IB from a Russian university. However, everyone who made that move had top tier grades, decent internships and some luck.

Mar 16, 2019