Here Are 5 Techniques To Help You Study Faster

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As a current University student, I could not tell you the amount of times I had to cram information for a quiz or an exam the following day. This article cites some tips to help you take in and absorb information more efficiently.

  1. Stop Saying Words In Your Head
  2. Some people try to "hear" words in their head and by cutting this habit, you could dramatically increase your reading speed over time

  3. Avoid Back Tracking
  4. As in looking back at the text you just read

  5. Point at the Text
  6. I think this is a little helpful if you are really trying to zone in on the text. I personally don't really do this.

  7. Skim and Scan Intelligently
  8. Avoiding superfluous information can be important when studying or cramming.

  9. Practice With Free Web Apps
  10. This is interesting. I have personally never tried a 3rd party app. This might be useful. Has anyone actually used an app to study?

5 Tips for Studying

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Dec 31, 1969

after a certain period of time i notice i start making careless mistakes. each part of the exam is 3 hours though so i think its important to be able to go hard for that amount of time, at minimum,

Dec 31, 1969