HF Comp Breakdown ? - L/S Equity value-oriented $150mm AUM Family Office

Was offered a first-year investment analyst position at a L/S equity hedge fund. The fund is a bit different however as it the private capital of two UHNW individuals. It used to invest outside capital, but not anymore. About $150MM AUM with 60% long 40% short. I've been working for the main person for 4 years in a portfolio company acquired through their PE fund. The HF is managed by one of the HNW individuals, who manages a portfolio of companies and CRE, and one PM would spends most of his time with a portfolio company. Then it would just be me as the analyst working full-time on the fund. This is more like a family office in the mid-west. 

I passed CFA Level 1 in February and the previous analyst left so that is how I got the opportunity. I'm studying for L2 this February and plan and completing the CFA by next February. 

With that background, what are good ranges for base comp and for bonus comp %? And how would I negotiate/ set criteria to determine bonus comp %?  

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Nov 10, 2021 - 5:34pm

Red flags galore! 

I agree with the other poster on red flags, (most) family offices absolutely hate paying employees out of their own capital. You could crush it there, work 24/7 and still not get paid. These types of setups also provide highly questionable exit ops. I would get in writing how you are going to get paid for your a bonus. Whatever they tell you is likely to not come to fruition unless its in writing. 

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Nov 17, 2021 - 10:41am

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