HF Partnership Interview Advice?

Hi Everyone, 

I'm currently interviewing with a HF ($1-3B AUM) for a Partnership Development role (similar to Deal Origination in PE). Essentially I'd be sourcing partnership opportunities for my higher ups to evaluate. I have a finance background and degree but currently work in a busdev role in saas. (Took my current role to build experience and eventually flip to financial services / fintech.) 

I've already met with the decision maker for the role and I think the interview went really well. It was an hour long and we ran 10 minutes over (I asked an involved question right at the end and the interviewer provided a very in-depth answer). 

From here I've been told I will now be meeting with the Head of People for the firm, and subsequently will have a panel interview.

My question is this: given this information, how would you prepare? I'm reading all I can on the firm, founders, etc., but any additional advice would be welcomed. This is a huge opportunity and want to make sure I can cover my bases as best as possible. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this or is gracious enough to comment. 


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