High level executive got me a last minute HR interview for a late 2019 internship. Help?

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Hello All,

I met a c-suite guy from a BB last summer where we had a great discussion about trading. After he told me to follow up when looking for an internship to get an interview.

I applied for a position online on the trading floor for a winter internship. Then I emailed him to follow up and attached my resume. And he just said to keep him posted. But never got an interview.

I just met him in person for a coffee chat and it went well. The position was supposed to start in Jan but he was very kind and said he would look for something and will refer me to VP of HR. And said not to worry about the interview and just be yourself.

He emailed after the meeting asking for my CV and introduced me to HR to have a chat. I am not sure HR knows I am looking for an internship this month. Keep in mind this is a big bank with a structured internship program for the winter. So HR might think its for summer internships. However, he is a very, very high ranking who seemed to like me. For example, he even took my resume to make sure there was no mistake and to edit it.

I would have no doubt had it been for a summer internship but given I am looking for a winters internship which already started I am still nervous.

One do you think HR knows how fast I am trying to move cause this guy is so high up he seemed discounted from internship programs/Hr process? And if so can they even find me an internship on the trading floor in this short amount of time?

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Jan 12, 2019