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I just graduated High School and I'm willing to learn more about the financial world, especially what IB is and what it does.

While I know (very) generally what it does (what M&A or S&T do etc), my knowledge is very general and I would like to know more.

I grabbed a book called "Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers and Acquisitions", but this is a practical book and only talks about how to actually value a firm. In my case, I would first like to get a good grasp on what the IB does in general. Are there any suggestions? Doesn't necessarily have to be a book though.

Another question: How do everyone else get to know about the IB? Did you already know all about it during High School, or did you start to learn about them during your university years and then dug deeper? I want to learn more but most material that I encounter sound very advanced and with my knowledge, they are not so easy to comprehend. Do you need university education to understand them? For example, in the book I mentioned above, there are words like SG&A, COGS which I never saw before. I searched and now I understand what they are, but just in general it seems like there's at least a couple new words per page that I don't know.

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Jun 2, 2014

I think there's a page here for recommended reads for all types of career paths so you should check that out. Go to Investopedia or just type whatever term you want to learn about in the search bar above. To be honest, simple google searches can teach you everything you need to know about IB.

I learned about IB in highschool. Getting into IB generally requires going to a target school and keeping you GPA pretty high so you need to start early and know what you're doing.

Jun 2, 2014