Has anyone here ever used HOLT or have any thoughts/opinions on HOLT as a buyside tool?


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he's a starter in all formats.

Hedge Fund Interview Course


It's just a glorified DCF designed to keep the inputs honest.

My opinion of it as a buyside tool is it is only valuable if you have a very long time horizon, which eliminates hedge funds and all but the biggest long-only guys.


I have spoken with a number of users, not all with just 3 - 5 year investment horizons, who find value in the tool in trading...

Any other members of this board who have used HOLT with success?


Are you considering an offer to be a HOLT salesman? Or are you on the buyside considering whether you want to take up the service? If the latter, then try it for yourself - it won't cost you anything but your time investment in learning the software.

Dismiss my comment if you want but think about the methodology behind HOLT (or CROCI, Quest or any other CFROI methodology) and you cannot make it anything but a long-range tool. Some people find it useful as a data-mining or screening tool but that is not its raison d'etre.

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