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Oct 31, 2018

Hi vs997, hope I can help. Do any of these links cover what you're looking for:

  • Hedge Fund Careers: Getting a Hedge Fund Job Out of Undergrad and Beyond / big asset manager. The investment banking route prepares you for event driven and long/short as does ... A career in the hedge fund industry is one of the most desirable careers in finance. Money is ... the optimal career trajectory for so many. Hedge Fund Lifestyle and Wages The job rests significantly ...
  • Typical Hedge Fund Hours this? I am interested in long / short equity and special situations hedge funds. For those in the ... a week. Work Life Balance of Hedge Fund Manager "HFAnalyst- Hedge Fund Analyst" wrote: Just ... bonus. User @Bondarb, a hedge fund partner, explained the ho
  • Day in the Life: Hedge Fund Associate- Investment Banking Background and when the market your hedge fund operates in opens, but for an Equity Long / Short associate ... conversations on life at a hedge fund (as an associate) we reiterate that this what you should expect if you ... investment banking for long! hedge fund ...
  • WSO Hall of Fame: Hedge Fund Forum Capital vs. Other Hedge Funds Anyone heard of Old Oaks Asset Management? Lifestyle & Exit ... Opportunities Lifestyle week in the life of a Hedge Fund analyst..... How are hedge fund hours like Would you ... Portfolio Manager HF Analyst Compensation Intel
  • The Hedge Fund Experience- Good, Bad, Ugly control/recommendation. This is a good stopping point... A Day In the Life of a Hedge Fund Manager 6:45am- Wake up 7:30am ... understanding of what they are getting themselves into. Life Working At A Hedge Fund Before I get started, this ... time. There are plenty of thoughts I have on the subject. Background of a Hedge
  • From <2 GPA, to Bulge Bracket and Hedge Fund Yesterday I received an offer from an equity long/short fund in HK and achieving my goal that ... interviews for semester internship. One in particular caught my interest: It was a USD1bn equity long/short ... doctors. I have no idea what an investment bank nor hedge fund is. Yet since the day I picked up a book ...
  • MUST READ! What makes a good trader, fund manager, hedge fund manager, salestrader, and buy-side trader holidays. These traits mean many hedge fund managers keep going long after they have earned more money than ... they can ever spend. However, one hedge fund manager says he believes that some traders will spend ... insiders say there are certain personality traits shared by great hedge fund managers.
  • Investment Banking to a Hedge fund... Can You Make the Jump? Senior Analyst/Managing Director). Cultural fit can be much higher on a hedge fund's priority list ... Unlike in banking or private equity, hedge fund cultures tend to vary a lot because they are almost ... of you starting (or doing) hedge fund interviews right now... hard work + luck = JOB. *** Overview ...
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Hope that helps.

Nov 6, 2018

Just bumping this - would appreciate any input

Jan 29, 2019


Nov 18, 2019

Not very good

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Nov 20, 2019

Can you elaborate?

Nov 20, 2019

Single manager shop run by David Fiszel who from what I understand is a good enough guy. Long hours, high turnover. No advancement opportunity. Know a couple people who went there then bounced because they were stuck in a "junior analyst" type role - no idea generation, just taking ideas from the PM and vetting them. Very much guy at the top runs everything and just needs junior guys to do the legwork.

Nov 20, 2019