Hospitality Ops Now Seeking CRE - in NYC

Hi Monkeys,
I am new to WSO - love the concept and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge. I would love to get any insight into what people think about my goals and planned career paths -- i'm just as happy to hear criticisms -- thanks!

I also want to meet and make new connections - if anyone is interested in meeting for drinks/coffee, that would be great.

Little bit about me:
Grew up internationally
Went to non-target college, finance degree w. some RE classes
Launched my first successful tech startup at 19 and sold it -- love for entrepreneurship
Worked in hotel management for 1.5 years

Trying to transition into Hotel Real Estate (or Commercial RE, to eventually transfer into Hotel RE) in an analyst/valuation analyst capacity
Want to work for 1.5 years in CRE

I have a deferred Masters acceptance to Cornell in summer 2016
Leverage this to work in Hotel PE or CRE PE

End goal is to work a total of 3-5 years in Financial analysis/CRE -- build a strong network and solidify finance skills.
I will continue to work on several business plans that I want to start to get back into entrepreneur world -- I think that my analyst roles will help me be better at running a company, and help me build the connections I need when i seek capital to raise funds for the company (s) i want to start, whether it will be RE development related or something else.

Thanks guys!

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