hottest practices in management consulting

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Hey all, especially present consultants, do you guys have any opinions on which are some of the hottest practices that MBBs/OW/Booz/tier2s are rapidly expanding on?

Would be great to not just understand more about present trend but also what's gonna happen in the next few years (3-5).

In the spirit of consulting, I am aware that trends might be different for different regions (interested in US and Asia (esp. Southeast Asia- Singapore, Indonesia...). Can someone elaborate?

Are both energy and financial services always big and never going to go away? What about healthcare- seems hot too?

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Jul 5, 2012

Dont know about all the firms you mentioned, but Risk is growing like crazy. Its not sexy at all, but there`s a lot of money to be made advising banks on how to be compliant with Dodd Frank and Basel III and all sorts of other stuff around the new regulatory climate.

Jul 5, 2012