Houlihan Lokey Says Contacting Will Hurt Your Chances. Is This True? My dream job is to work in their ADG practice.

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Just like the title says. My dream IB job would be to work at Houlihan Lokey in their Aerospace Defense and Government practice. I have experience in the industry and am really interested in combining my financial background with my passion from Aerospace and Defense. Having grown up around the D.C. Metro-Area, ADG is in my bones. I know I could be successful there, but I have yet to get a look coming from a non-target school. The firm says reaching out to senior officers will negatively impact your chances. Is this true? Does that mean only MD's? Does anyone have experience with this? Help- Feels like my balls have been stripped. I hate leaving my app in limbo without having a chance to reach out on this one.

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Jul 25, 2017

Yeah, it is. Don't do that. I can pm you the person in charge of recruiting there. They might've moved on as this was about a year ago. But this way you can add HR on LinkedIn, which should be much less frowned upon than contacting bankers. Although, I will advise that HL views itself as an elite institution and doesn't think outsiders from its core target schools are worth a chance. But just be respectful and show you're open to any opportunity, as well as competent enough to do the job if you really are that good per your other post.

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Jul 25, 2017