Could somebody tell me about the deadlines for summer internships at Houlihan Lokey in the US?

I think I understand that you have resume drops at different unis and therefore the date varies? Any estimate on the range of dates though?

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Why don't you call them up and ask?

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they do interviews from mid January through mid February...so i would assume the deadlines are at the beginning of January.



At my school, the drop deadline is 12/17.


Great answer gomes. Thanks jaclee317 and felipz24.


Honestly, how difficult it is it for people to call up and ask a firm? In fact, it really can't hurt. You may get the chance to talk with a recruiter and if you are lucky impress them a bit with your interest. The worst thing they do is tell you the drop date and hang up. The best is that you talk for 5-10 minutes, they are impressed by how you handled the call, and give you their contact info to send your resume/cover letter to.

I really think sometimes that forums like this and the proliferation of email has made people forget that the best way to impress someone is through your ability to communicate verbally with them. Yes, maybe it's a little easier to get the info through here or online elsewhere but ultimately you have more opportunity for gain if you call them up. Like I said, at worst they give you the info you were looking for and nothing more.


what type of firm is hlhz?

what type of work environment do they have?


depends largely on the office, 404. Even people in the LA office will tell you that the NY office is much more formal and a bit uptight. The LA office has more of a "west coast" mentality. IMHO, HLHZ is a solid MM bank with crazy dealflow...not a bad place to start out.


any idea how the atlanta office is?



what would a typical comp package be for an analyst and an associate at hlhz?

  • mschutzy
  •  12/5/07

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