House Hacking Question - Signing Leases in Advance of Closing

Quick question for the single family house hackers. I currently am living in a condo that I purchased as a future investment property. I bought it as an owner occupant with less than 20% down. I've done my twelve months of residence and am now ready to exit purgatory and buy my next investment condo. My issue is that I am not 100% that I'd qualify for the next condo without having a lease in place for my current condo. Here's the question. If I were to sign a lease contingent upon my closing on a new home, will residential lenders count that lease as income to me and allow me to purchase the next property with less than 20% down? Or will they likely see my game and view the next purchase as an investment?  

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Dec 6, 2021 - 9:06pm

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