How are Pre-MBA PE Internal Consulting/Ops Associates viewed Post-MBA

Hey All,

Just curious how Associates coming out of teams like this (think KKR's Capstone, Blackstone's POP, and similar teams for MM funds) are viewed for PE recruiting post-MBA. In terms of Post-MBA PE recruiting where do they fall along the scale of "no prior PE deal team experience" and "Pre-MBA PE Associate"? I haven't seen much discussion on this particular topic, so any help would be appreciated.


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May 31,2015

It obviously depends on the fund and experience, but I think generally speaking, the experience would be viewed slightly better than regular consultants, but still pretty close to the "no prior PE deal team experience". I think it would be extremely hard to join in an investment position, unless it's a fund that's very operationally involved and value your ops experience.

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May 31,2015

echo above. still at a big disadvantage because of the lack of actual PE transaction or investing experience. best shot would be to target smaller, less structured PE shops that are operationally focused.

May 31,2015