How can a phD from Asia get a quant researcher job opportunity ?

I'm getting phD in South Korea's top school in engineering.

My research field is financial deep learning including asset pricing and volatility prediction.

Since I'm looking for industry job (mainly quant researcher) worldwide, i couldn't get much information about getting job in America or other. 

Is there be chance to get some job opportunity in WS? If there is, what will be the best way? I'm curious if hedge funds are hiring from phD summer intern programs as in tech comps like Facebook or Google. 

Your answer will be really big help for me.

Best, regards.

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  • Quant in PropTrad
May 13, 2021 - 6:21am

May be tough to get a job in the US without a US degree due to visa issues. I'm not sure what opportunities there may be in Korea but there are a reasonable number of quant firms in Singapore/HK and at least pre covid getting a work visa in those places was not too difficult.

May 13, 2021 - 6:58am

The only visa that comes to mind would be the J one, for interns, Au Pairs, coaches, teacher, counselor, etc.
This visa program requires either an enrolled company or an exchange group that sponsors you.

Not every employer is able to hire you through the J visa. Also, there are concerns regarding local ability of the embassies to handle the workload due to the pandemic. You are lucky that the embassies in Japan and Korea have recovered significantly quicker than ones in other nations.

Alternative would be to find an employer who is willing to sponsor the H1b for you, the FY '22 round is already finished and you'd have to wait until next year. This option is very difficult to manage without having done a degree/OPT in the US. I'd say it is almost impossible.

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