Hi guys,

I'm interested in switching to a different group within my bank (specifically, LevFin). Background: I have been working for a BB in ABL/commercial banking for 1+ years.

How would you guys approach trying to lateral internally within the bank? Do you a) reach straight out to HR explaining your desire to switch? b) Network internally via your work e-mail with people in that group, asking if there's a need/capacity? c) Go the route of asking your manager for his/her support, how do you go about doing that without risking not getting the green light while simultaneously confirming to your boss that you're not 100% committed to your current role? d) ???

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Since you're already full-time, just check the job postings internally on the companies website and apply. Reach out to groups that have openings and express your interest and how things you do in your current role can be applicable.

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Soggy, thanks for the response. I rarely see ibd analyst job listings (I've seen it once briefly) on the internal job board, so would it be a bad idea to still reach out to somebody in the group to express interest?


Yes, I think you should. At this point, it is all about if people like you, the quality of your work in the group you're in, and honestly your relationship with HR. HR can be pivotal, sometimes in a positive way, but they can also hinder lateral movement.


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