How can I go from nontarget school to portfolio manager?

Hey monkeys, so my dream is typical- I want to be a global macro growth portfolio manager. I NEED SOME INSIGHT IN HOW I CAN BREAK INTO ASSET MANAGEMENT/EQUITY RESEARCH FROM A NONTARGET.

so I used to go to a semi target BYU. I got good grades there, but not good enough to get into BYU's accounting program. I need some sort of job security (accounting) to fall back on, so I transferred to a nontarget to graduate in accounting.

I will get my CPA and work at the big four accounting firms. NOW. HOW CAN I GET INTO MACRO INVESTING FROM HERE?? ..seems impossible since im graduating from a nontarget.

should I?
1. Become a Certified Fraud Examiner/ CPA and try to get a job at a short selling boutique? (my wife is chinese and I can learn mandarin and i see that a lot of shortsellers have positions in chinese companies)
2. I can get into the best PHD economics program that I can

so please comment and give me some constructive ideas on how I can break into a Global Macro Fund. Worst case scenario I can always invest with my own personal brokerage account.

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Mar 7, 2019
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