How can I improve my profile for a MFE/PHD in Fin. Math?

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I left the labor force a year and a half ago as I was facing depression. I worked as a Market Analyst for a pharmaceutical branding company for 2 months before being let go as I wasn't a "good fit". Before that I worked as a Marketing Analyst for a rather large Insurance broker quoting High Net Worth PnC accounts and handling said accounts for 2 years.

I am a Hispanic- Male, 3.66 GPA. I got my Bachelors of Science in Economics from a State School. These were my grades:

Relevant Math/Stat/CS:
Calc 1: A-
Calc 2: A
Calc 3: C+
Linear Algebra: A-
Discrete Math 1: B+
Calculus-Based Probability: B+
Time Series Analysis: B
Design of Experiments/ Analysis of Variance: A-
Programming 1 (C++): A

Relevant Econ Classes:
Intermediate Micro: A
Intermediate Macro: A
Econometrics: A
Analysis of Economic Data: B+
Financial Markets and Monetary Policy: A
Game Theory: B+
Business Organization and Market Structure: A-

Relevant Insurance:
Risk Management and Insurance: C ( ouch, I took my lest semester and got lazy)

I have decided to go back to school this spring and take:
Programming 2 (C++)
Computer Organization 1 ( needed for Data Structures class in summer)
Discrete Math 2
Numerical Analysis

And this in the Summer:
Data Structures and Algorithms 1
Computer Organization 2
Diff Eqs.
Study for and take the GRE

Assuming I ace the classes I plan on taking, and get 3 solid letters of rec. Would this be enough to get into a mid tier/low tier program with funding?

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Dec 17, 2017