How can I possibly break into Equity Research?

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Hello people my first post ever in wso!

My current situation: I am a recent graduate with an accounting major from a semi-target school. My school has a very top accounting program but it's only a semi-target. Currently, I am in NY trying to seek a job opportunity to begin my career. My GPA is 3.41, with tax internship and other "work experience" not relate to finance/accounting world but does involve communication with clients. I am also on my way to pass the CPA exam, I have already passed AUD and BEC section, next section will be REG, I tried FAR before and the score is close to passing but still didn't pass FAR. ( Just trying to show I have already done 50% toward my CPA). I don't want to give up the CPA since I have already spent that much effort on it. During my master year, I have realized I don't want to audit or tax (I don't like tax after my internship). I am more interested in financial analysis direction so I can research and analyze the company as a whole. I believe equity research is the direction I am really interested in but I can I possibly make the move? I know I am not able to go ER directly, so I am trying to look for jobs in fp&a or credit analyst, and hope to gain some forecasting or analysis experience in order to move toward the ER role. But I wasn't even sure if fp&a or credit analyst relates much to ER. though... Any recommendation here about my plan? Is it feasible? Is there any suggestion for my current situation or is there any other job direction you recommend me to search for?

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Oct 8, 2017

You could consider credit analyst to debt research. A gig in consulting could help you get into ER if that's what you truly want to do. Good luck.

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Oct 10, 2017