How competitive are back office summer analyst positions?

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I'm a sophomore who will be applying for Summer 2019 Legal/Compliance Summer Analyst positions in the upcoming months.

I want to get a better sense of how competitive back office positions generally are at places like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays. And what about at boutiques?

Looking for recent anecdotes, statistics, etc. Thanks!

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Feb 10, 2018

They're still competitive.. especially at large markets such as NYC/LA/SF, but interviews tend to lean more on the behavioral side so if you can demonstrate that you're curious, driven and overall good kid, it shouldn't be hard to secure an offer.

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Feb 11, 2018

As someone who recruited for similar positions along with IB, keep in mind that these companies have target schools for these positions and do OCR from them. If you are a non-target school, then you still have to do the typical things to get a job like network to get an interview. It definitely still is pretty competitive. These positions really do get thousands of applications (at least through the online app system) but they do lean towards the behavioral side; however, if the interviewer does not think you are well suited technically for the job (like having a low GPA or coming from a school they have never heard of or don't normally recruit from), then you will get asked harder technical questions than those kids who interview through OCR.

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Feb 12, 2018

I'm at a target. Great to hear that these companies do OCR for BO positions too, wasn't sure about that.

You mentioned technical questions. In your experience, do interviewers ask technical questions for even positions like legal/compliance summer analyst? I'm double majoring in finance and history but I'm not all that great at finance . . .

EDIT: Above question is open to anyone.

Feb 12, 2018

Anyone else have any thoughts/experiences?

Feb 12, 2018

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