How Did the World Cup Affect Financial Markets?

So the 2018 Russia World Cup has finished, and all the aftermath of the celebrations and despair for the losing teams has died down. It now bears the question, how has this World Cup affected the markets, I'm keen to see if you guys have experienced any anomalies during the tournament. There's some empirical evidence out there suggesting some effects in the past but none released to my knowledge (which may be very limited) for this year's WC.

The number of trades made when the national team was playing fell by 45 per cent, according to an ECB study of 15 international stock exchanges. Goals further eroded the number of quotes and trades by 5%.

In contrast, stock markets for the World Cup final runners-up tend to fall in comparison to global peers. Most World Cup runners-up have seen their stock markets suffer an average relative fall of 5.6% in the first three months after the event. However, investors need to move quickly, as the post-victory rally does not last long. Indeed, the effect on both winners and runners-up is only temporary, and their markets return to normality after several months.

So soccer (oops, I meant football) can have effects on the markets, funny huh.

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Jul 20, 2018

I know that RBC CM in Toronto had a lot of guys who would just sit around and watch games on this huge new screen they bought for their offices. Doesn't really make sense imo, we don't even have a team in the wc.

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Jul 20, 2018