How do I deal with a manager that has poor modeling habits and tries to "teach" you them?

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This post is going to come off a bit pretentious and arrogant probably, but whatever. I'm currently a senior analyst at a F100 tech company. It's a bit of a hybrid FP&A role and where I also support the sales team responding to customer RFP's, modeling out the P&L 3-5 years to make sure the deal makes sense.

I have a new manager, he's been here about 6-7 months and he's constantly trying to "teach" me new ways of creating my models. The problem is, his models are a mess. There's constantly links to 3+ other files, formatting and hard coding all over the place, never a drivers tab so it's easy to miss updating assumptions or where they even are, and the list goes on.

I was fortunate enough to do two internships where I worked with ex BB IB analysts and associates. Everything I know now I learned and grew on from them so I'd like to think I have a good understanding of best practices and general modeling capabilities, I've never received any negative feedback on modeling before this manager.

I'm about to go sit in a two hour meeting that he set up for "modeling tricks" with two other analysts and I know it's going to be a waste of my time. I obviously can't come out and say I don't want to incorporate your janky ass tips into my models, but ignoring his tips, biting my tongue and smiling is starting to drive me nuts. What do I do here?

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Feb 19, 2020

If he's that bad then he will not be there for long. How long have you been in your role and why weren't you promoted instead (since they decided to go with an external candidate)? If you've been there for a while, maybe your models do not meet the senior execs liking either.

Feb 21, 2020