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Aug 27, 2007

use Adobe Acrobat (not reader) go to the page, press "control-shift-D" and voila!

Aug 27, 2007

Use OpenOffice

Aug 27, 2007

You can do this with adobe reader and "cutepdf". Open the document in reader, go to file -> print, select cutepdf writer as the printer, and select the pages you want to print (everything except the page you want to cut out).

Aug 27, 2007

my way is better

Aug 27, 2007

I agree, but Acrobat pro is not always available

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Aug 27, 2007

if you've only got the capability to print (let's say, stupidly, you only requested Acrobat Elements rather than professional and would need to wait 2 days for approval for the latter; meanwhile, it's 2 am and you need to have the book sent to the client in 20 minutes) then the other option is what you should do - watch for page numbers, then simply print PDF a new document excluding the page(s) you don't want.

Aug 28, 2007

this is a question that could have easily been answered with a simple google's not really relevant to the site so much

Aug 31, 2007

chill chill, it's quite relevant - always good to here what other efficient bankers are doing

Jan 18, 2010

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