How do I find internships in investment banking having little to no experience?

Hello everyone! I'm a sophomore at Temple Unversity in Philadelphia and I was curious as to if you had any advice or tips as to how to get an internship in investment banking. I currently have a 3.4 (which I know I have to bring up to even be remotely competitive for bulge brackets) and I have done two semesters as part of a student-run virtual fund. I appreciate any honest feedback and I hope everyone reading this has a great day!

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Feb 4, 2020

Don't be a puss and network,

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Feb 4, 2020

1) go to google maps, zoom out some, and type "investment bank." This will populate all IB in your area. More than likely will be boutiques
2) make a list of all mm banks
3) make list of BB

for all of these steps, go to linkedin, and search the bank. If anybody from your school has worked there, linked in will pop it up. START WITH THESE PEOPLE FIRST. Connect and add a message (" hi xx, I hope you're having a great [insert something relevant] I'm a fellow student at xx and I'd like to join your network)
Once you connect, ask for an informational interview

If there is no school alumni at the bank after you do a LinkedIn search, send out cold email. Ask to meet up for informational interview, and include resume (make sure your resume doesn't look like shit, plenty resources online for this)

Know what IB is, know Why IB, know about the bank and why that bank. Nobody expects you to know everything, but genuine curiosity and competency goes a long way.

When you do meet, don't kiss ass but flatter them a little. Mention something about their background that stands out. Ask thoughtful questions. Only until the end, try to slide the ASK in there ("this has been greatly insightful. I'm eager to get started, xx, would you happen to know about any internship opps/ recruiting" etc. something where you can slide them your resume) FOLLOW UP.

Rinse. Repeat.

Do this BEFORE YOU APPLY, and do this ASAP. It is WORK, so make your list and fucking get to it. Nobody owes you shit in this industry.

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Feb 4, 2020