How do I get out of accounting?

First off, I just joined WSO and I'd greatly appreciate any help you can bring to the table. I'm really confused in my career path right now and just looking for some guidance. I worked at a big-4 accounting firm for 4 years in audit and left as a senior associate. I also got my CFA at this time which I hoped would be somewhate helpful. I mainly audited capital markets/hedge funds there and then took a job at a small hedge fund as the Controller working directly under CFO. I've worked there approximately 4 years and I've learned mostly everything so looking for some other opportunities. I've spoken to some recruiters but they just keep sending Assistant Controller and Controller jobs. What other options are there? I'm kind of bored at my job now and I'm not sure if I just need to join a larger company, more into PE or Real Estate or try to transition into a more financial analyst role. I guess with my background, what are some potential fits for my job with a good career trajectory? I'm willing to put in hours to make the most money.


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Aug 30, 2019

Apply to boutiques or take time off for an MFin/MBA and make the career switch. Do you have all levels of CFA?

Aug 30, 2019

yes all levels of cfa. My issue with MBA is it seems like it may be a bit expensive.

Aug 30, 2019

Hence why an MFin may be worth it. Cheaper and helps you get in. Plus, once you have an MFin you won't need an MBA if you stay in banking. The MFin route should be your Plan B to applying to boutiques and flexing your CFA. It may be cheaper than an MBA but is still objectively expensive

Aug 30, 2019

mfin gets you in as an analyst

which is good if you want PE, bad if you got bills to pay

mba has a better ROI if you want to stay in banking i think

Aug 30, 2019

have you considered going back to the big 4? they are always hiring...

just google're welcome

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Aug 30, 2019

you might be able to get back into your b4 as a consultant with your industry experience

unfortunately you'd probs be a senior associate, hard af to get manager role with no consulting experience

Aug 30, 2019