How do I get past that final interview?

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I've just recently graduated in Aug (did a pre-experience MSc) this year and am having trouble finding jobs. I have managed to get interviews and even went all the way to the final round for a couple of instances. In fact, I just recently got rejected from a role where the hiring manager told me it was down to just me and another guy.

I do have one last interview (round 1) lined up at the moment but I can't seem to hype myself up to believe that I'll actually get it. I know that its only been 2 months since Aug, but I've actually started applying way before when my finals ended in June. So it has been quite awhile and I'm just feeling quite defeated after receiving the rejection earlier this week.

What am I missing that is stopping me from landing the offer? Is it time to just settle for whatever I can get?

PS. Honestly didn't mean for this to be such a defeatist post when I first started out.

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Oct 24, 2018