How do I set myself up to have the best exit opportunities once I qualify as an accountant?

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hi there

i'm currently working for a big bank here in London and am about 1/3 way through my accounting qualification and i'm wondering how i can make sure that i have the best chance of moving into something a bit more "front office". i'm being vague because i'm not sure exactly yet what it is i want to go into - maybe equity research and investment banking. so what is the best thing(s) i can do in the next forthcoming years (while i qualify as an accountant) to ensure that I have the best chance of being able to go into one of those roles? thanks

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Dec 5, 2016


Dec 5, 2016

but how do you mean that? do you mean network within my company and try to get it or external?

i understand that knowing the right people is important but surely once they know i exist i have to be able to have more than just contacts to get the job, if you know what i mean. how can i build my career in such a way that they'll be more likely to accept me into those roles having networked?

Dec 5, 2016

Get your MBA.

Dec 5, 2016

is that the only way? MBAs are super expensive, even here in the UK. i'm looking at 30k for the year. meaning that i'd find it hard to save up that much so that i can do the MBA as soon as i qualify.

i'd much rather make the progression into another job as soon as i qualify rather than waiting around until i'm early 30s and then have saved up for an MBA and then go into the other roles. if that makes sense..

Dec 6, 2016