how do the lemmings decide first

if venture funds are all lemmings that copy eachother, in what cases are they able to break the mold and think new thoughts? i'm looking for more of a sociological answer here about how new ideas diffuse through a community of mostly homogenous thinkers. 

an alternative way to phrase the same question is: what causes new industries to become "hot"? when an industry or "space" because newly hot, the initial tinder that lights the fire had to be some original thought. (which I am sure does happen sometimes).  

in some cases, the answer is obvious -- it might be a major geopolitical event like covid. 

but in other cases, it's less obvious -- like it's (at least to me) unclear why certain areas of fintech initially become "hot." 

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Dec 2, 2021 - 7:55am

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