How do you all keep up your network?

So here's another networking post but I'm not asking how to cold email analysts who went to my school. One thing I've been looking to improve is keeping up relationships in my network. Is it really as simple as emailing or texting people every so often and asking how they're doing and if anything's new and telling them what you're up to? I always feel like I'm being a bother when I do that. (Everything past this is probably just rambling)

I have a couple relationships I'm really focusing on trying to keep up: a recruiter I was close to who works for a bank where I had to withdraw my application because of competing timelines, special assistant to the CEO of a big retailer where I was looking at interning and I cold emailed him, and assistant admissions director of MBA admissions at a school with a new 2+2 program. I've been trying to find ways to keep in touch naturally without being a bother when I don't really have anything I need from them now or in the very near term

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Mar 20, 2018