How do you gain insight into a PE firm's culture/lifestyle in the interview process?

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Going through interviews in MM PE right now and am wondering if there are good questions to ask or red flags through the interview process? Obviously don't want to come off as a slacker, but also don't want to jump blindly into a firm with toxic culture and soul-crushing lifestyle. I have heard there is a level of autonomy in PE which I really like - if there is a deadline say Friday I will reach it on my own terms and do not have to be at the office showing facetime every night. Is there a way to find this kind of stuff out?

Just a bit of context around this question - I fully understand the lifestyle expectations in high finance. When deals are getting done, hours can get long. However, I am currently at a "banking lite" position where the group does one/two big deals a year and hours are very good (for IBD). I am not drawn to the "eat what you kill" culture in a lot of these high finance positions, but rather want a role where I can get a decent enough learning experience about businesses, their finances, and operations.

I have heard horror stories of associates getting crushed at some of these firms. I'm not searching for a 9-5 obviously, but just want a decent enough work life balance that you can get in high finance.

Thanks all

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Aug 16, 2018

Try to find some off list references you could utilize. Former employees, see if you can find a social media post about some company sponsored events, maybe grab a coffee with current employees, etc... whatever, leverage the information available in 2018 the best you can...

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Aug 26, 2018

find ex employees on linkedin

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Aug 27, 2018