how do you quantify achievements?

Been told that I need to quantify my bullet points and talk about my achievements on the job instead of just listing what I did. How would I go about doing this if I really have no banking/deal experience? For all my internships my achievements sound really trivial on paper - such as putting together good presentations and digging through data without mistakes. Thanks!!

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Aug 15, 2009 - 6:06pm

Doesn't always have to be numbers. You can also phrase it in terms of results like "made the model more efficient and less labor intensive saving man-hours" as opposed to "enhanced the model"

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Aug 17, 2009 - 9:42am

What the previous posters have stated is pretty much spot on. Bankers want to know that you have the ability to step up, regardless of position, and make some sort of an impact. The biggest problem with most resumes is that students don't tell a story, they just create a laundry list of tasks. They answer the question "what did they do" without going into any further detail. The best bullets will concisely answer what they did, how they did it, and any results that were realized because of, or at least in part, because of their efforts. It can be hard numbers, percentages, $$ or even non-numeric team results - your work led to preliminary negotiations with 3 companies in the XX industry (just a random example) - is it glorious, nope (although it does involve a number), but its a result of the work that you did and it lets readers know you didn't spend your time researching the next TV you should buy.

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