How does one find a mentor?


So I went to a non-target undergrad in the UK. Got my first and smashed all my finance modules. Got offered a scholarship by a target university to study finance so obviously I took it. But right now in all honesty, I'm a little bit up in the air. My first and second year undergrad internships I got off my own back, i have no friends or family in this industry and I'm just looking for a mentor who's in the game. I ain't gonna beg for a job, I want a genuine mentor who's gonna look at everything I've got and say "you gotta sort this shit out" or "that shit is good" - Or something to that effect.

But my question is.. how do I find one of these mentors?

I've been pursuing a career in S&T but I have an open mind to what's out there in finance and accepting of ideas.

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Aug 12, 2019

I've recruited mentors my whole life, not because I'm super clever, it was more fan-boyish. In short, find someone who's shoes you want to be in in 5-20 years, introduce yourself, find some commonalities, find something you can do for them (probably for free), do a great job on it, do that again and figure out what you want (slowly) in return.

Aug 12, 2019