How Does Regions Securities Compare to Other MM Banks' IBD?

I am recently looking for a potential opportunity in a MM bank's IBD/Capital Market. I have seen a few job postings by Regions Securities (IB Group within Regions Bank) and was quite interested after reading the job descriptions. However, compared to some other MM-focused banks (SunTrust, PNC, etc), Regions is relatively new and I have had little luck getting enough info from Google or past threads here.

Can someone offer me some insights into the bank such as culture, hours, pay, deal flow, etc?
Really appreciate any informative input.

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Can't comment on hours, comp or deal flow, but they've made some strong senior hires. Good group of guys in Charlotte and Atlanta, they're in growth mode. I know a few MDs/Group Heads both in product and coverage and they're solid, mix of ex-Bank of America (not ML) and Wachovia guys. Debt-centric shop. Regions spun out Morgan Keegan and is in rebuilding mode, they've always seemed to be more committed to capital markets than many of the other super-regional and regional commercial banks.

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Thanks for the info man! Do you know about their coverage group? Seems like they have TMT/Defense along with some industrial groups hiring now. Just wonder if you have some knowledge in these groups? Thanks again.


I know two guys in that group, one of them pretty well. He's a stand up guy, good academic/IB pedigree, I would say that if the tone comes from the top it should have very solid culture.


True that. Thanks a lot!


LOLZ at the stock photo on their IB page being BAML HQ... fucking plebes.

Cheer up, Bateman. What's the matter? No shiatsu this morning?


Haha, actually did not realize that...


Didn't Regions buy BlackArch? BlackArch was a pretty solid MM shop in Charlotte...


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