How fucked is recruiting for people that unfortunately had their internships cancelled this summer?

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Basically title. I would assume that the companies that even have open slots will be more inclined to take people with experience (and either didnt get a return offer or are just gonna renege) instead of someone with no experience at all. What's the path for these people, try to land anything and eventually try to reapply into IB or is mba the only move for them to break in?

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Aug 1, 2020

I'm assuming you meant to say cancelled and not challenged. A piece of advice I recommend to all would def be to list the cancelled internship on your resume and maybe put parentheses after the company name indicating that the offer was pulled due to covid, because there's a world of difference between someone who got an internship and a global pandemic caused it to be cancelled vs someone who didn't apply or prepare anything and just didn't care

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Aug 1, 2020