How hard are these Case Interviews really?

Hi Guys,

This might come across as a semi-dumb question but from the stories I see and hear it really seems like this Interview process is very challenging. I am going to be a Sophomore at a non-target, GPA of 3.8 and I am eager to start a career in Management Consulting. I guess my question is, for all of you that have successfully entered the Consulting life should I be worried that at my age/class I find the Case Interview itself pretty challenging?

I mean I've read through Case Interview Secrets and Case In Point and when I read through the solutions it makes sense to me but I am having a hard time getting it going and really deciphering the problem. Is this something that gets better through practice or do I just not have the "it" factor haha?

Btw I'm 19

Input much appreciated

Thanks :)

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Sep 1, 2014 - 1:47pm

I found them oddly enough to be really enjoyable, I think the issue is the books oftentimes have a preconceived answer and in interviews they are often far more open ended than that. Learn the frameworks, but don't be slavishly devoted to them. Be able to quickly figure out the core issue and then try and attack it. I thought David Orvahll's book was good, Fuqua had him speak to my program.

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