How hard is it to get a UBS PWM internship?

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So Ive recently contacted some branch managers and I just wanted to know how hard it is to get an internship there.
Ideally, I would like to get one in NYC. However, I am from a non-target school in the Midwest (UW Madison). I am a good student (Dean's List) and have a lot of HS leadership positions.
Does anyone know how likely it is for me to get an internship?

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Feb 6, 2012

Probably not all that tough.

Do you/your parents have a lot of connections? This profession is all about being surrounded by wealthy friends/family. They're going to ask you upfront if you have this.

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Feb 6, 2012

Not sure about NYC but a local branch shouldn't be too difficult, that's where I did mine. Contact FAs you're able to track down and see who gets back to you. Only takes one

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Feb 6, 2012

Not difficult. Much easier with an in or if you keep your money with one of the FAs. I did the summer program for them in PWM and it was a joke.

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Feb 6, 2012

Unless its their large program, very easy.

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Feb 7, 2012

My family does not have a FA. However, I called multiple advisors in the NYC area (about 7) and gave all of them my resume. sicne everyone says its pretty easy to get the internship, im guessing that at least 2 of them will offer me interviews

Feb 8, 2012

Pretty easy. 3 of my friends got it. all from non-targets. one dude got it from his roommates parents! the other dude got it from his banker mom. the last chick got it from an alumni iirc.

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Mar 10, 2012