How hard is it to get an internship in a finance/equity research position after you graduate? With only accounting background.

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So I've had two accounting internships so far and im going to be a senior in the fall.

I realized accounting is quite boring work and is mostly using your company's daily operation data and organizing it.

I want to do something that deals more along the lines of equity research and trading where you can use data/models to make educated predictions and ideas that actually brings in revenue for a company.

In essence I want to do work where I get paid to think and make decisions that have a direct result on whether i make or lose a company money. I don't want to just get paid a wage to help the people making the money organize and report where their money is.

Since it is already the summer of my junior year and i have realized that many financial institutions such as bulge bracket banks (i.e. JP Morgan) only offer internships for the summer of junior year/penultimate year, should i take a fifth year of college and use my new "junior" year summer to do a finance internship?

Or maybe its still possible for me to get a full time finance/equity research/trading job even though my summers have only been spent doing accounting and tax work?

Should i spend more money for a fifth year of college just for the reason that itd be easier to get a finance internship that may lead to a full-time finance job?

Maybe bulge bracket banks do offer recent undergrad graduates finance internships? Even though most of their internship postings state that they really only want undergrad juniors?

Getting a response from people who have been in my situation would be great. A response from an actual recruiter from these types of firms would be great as well.