How is Deloitte recruiting at your campuses?

Prospective Monkey in Consulting

Hey, quick question about a tier two firm - think MBBD. Specifically, how is Deloitte recruiting for Full-time at your campuses? Previously, they would have an app drop for S&O, Tech, and Human Capital Consulting on our career page. However, with the re-org and new offering portfolio's, I'm wondering if they are changing that up.

Currently, the following positions are posted to our careers page:
-Strategy Business Analyst
-Solution Engineering Analyst
-Tech Performance Analyst
-Human Capital HR Tech. & Trans. Analyst

Now that I look at it, the 3 big buckets of strategy, tech, and human capital still seem to be there, I wonder if they just slightly renamed them. Would still be curious to know whether you are recruiting for a specific offering portfolio under that designation. For example, could I recruit for the tech role, but preference the strategy and analytics or customer and marketing portfolio. Any insight or speculation would be helpful.