How is Jack Erwin?

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I have a black pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues that have been serving me well, but I would like to get a second pair of dress shoes that I can wear 2x a week to extend the lifespan of the AE shoes and to change up my style.

Jack Erwin seems to have a great price point, $195 for a pair of good looking shoes seems reasonable. Appreciate any insight.

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Feb 2, 2017


Feb 2, 2017

They make a good quality and stylish shoe for the price. If you wanted to spend a little more, you could take a look at Meermin or Septieme Largeur. They both use Goodyear welt construction which is more durable and weather resistant than the Blake method used by Jack Erwin. I would also argue that the quality level of Meermin and SL is at least equal to that of Allen Edmonds. Shipping will cost you ~$30 USD for these however, while it is free at Jack Erwin.

TL;DR Jack Erwin makes a good shoe for the price, and is significantly better looking that other shoes in the sub $200 range.

Apr 1, 2019